Friday, September 19, 2008

Let Me Come In

It is the club to which
I most want to belong
More than I wanted to
be a 7th grade cheerleader
More than I wanted
braces in 8th
More even
than I wanted to
be an Ironman

It is epitomized by
people who qualify for Tri Nationals
Its members speed by me
on my bike commutes home
especially on the uphill - grr...

They eat nails for breakfast
and shit out steel tri bikes for lunch
Its archetype include those who unpuffingly
pass me on my way up Rabbit Ears Pass
They have the gall to say
"Welcome to paradise"
(Oh yes, I got my ass over that pass
but they got theirs over faster)

Their spandex is tighter
their hips are leaner
their machinery meaner

I wannabe
I wannabe
I wannabe
A Fitness Freak of Colorado

Affectionately (one of?) yours,

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Beat In Between

I pull up to the red light
rest my toe on the pavement
and it happens

The traffic stills
my breathing slackens
silence prevails
the morning stops
the eye amid a flurry hurry-cane

I'm no Joseph Campbell
and it's gone almost before I can register it
put my brain around it
but I have felt it
I'm no Joseph Campbell
but in that moment
that beat
I feel like
I have glimpsed
the divine

That moment of
no more than a beat
I know it was there

I savor it.