Thursday, October 04, 2007

Morning Fog

I wore the fog like a cloak this morning
It made everything warmer
And closer
My headlamp couldn’t cut it
So my bike and I were on our own
We sliced through it
Slid through it
Glided through it

And then it started to get light out
But the fog was still there
Obscuring the road
and the fields to either side
Velvety moist mist muting
even the green of the grass

Looking out
pushed me back in
Solitude hit me
I was the only being in the world
Just me and cool gray road
My thumbs perched
On my aerobars
Seemed Technicolor in their peachiness
Vitality in the midst
of gray-white heaviness
Serra and I glided along
Taking this phantom vitality
further down the road
Sliding through the fog

And then I spotted a walker
A stranger
On a sideroad
Wearing a brilliant reflective vest
waved vigorously


With that wave
I leapt back
into the ocean of humanity

This morning was special.
She knew it too.